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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Been Neglectful Again!

I have neglected my blog again and have only done a couple wordless Wednesdays - because they are wordless and easy:) So here is a note to say: I love you blog. I am sorry for neglecting you. Life has been busy. Work is insane!!! Any employee, volunteer or just a person wanting to take an online course with the ARC knows that the ARC is a bit back logged right now. I mean, in my department, we would have to freeze time for a week - take a handful of employees and work reallllly hard just to get caught up. Since it is impossible to freeze time, I honestly don't see how we will ever be caught up. I am blessed and thankful to God that I have a job!

On that note ~ I posted a while back about not being able to go on vacay, well we are leaving Friday for Ocean City! Wooo Hooo!! It's going to be so nice. No emails or phone calls for a week. No kids knocking at or ringing the door bell 50 times a day. (or even once!) No watching what I eat. I will watch it alright, watch all those crispy boardwalk fries drenched with vinegar and salt go into my mouth and down to my tummy! Just hope they don't stay there.


Not So Simply Single said...

Have a nice vacation! LOVE those boardwalk fries... as a matter of fact, love all junk food.

Unfortunately, my body doesn't!

Have fun!


Not So Simply Single said...

I understand. I haven't written much either, been busy dating and catching up on life....

Take care,