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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love thy Neighbors and their kids and their friends and their friends .......

There are a lot of kids in our culdesac and its great! However, one neighbor has a friend who visits every day and that friend always brings a van full of kids. The kids always seem to run to our yard, driveway, garage and play with our toys and ride our bikes. The mom sits with her friend and visits, saying nothing to me or her kids. Sometimes I allow this to happen. I mean, they are kids and they want to play. Sometimes I pack up our things and put them away. Today I was out running errands and I had my kids with me. I returned to find 3 boys playing basketball and one boy in my driveway scribbling all over with sidewalk chalk. Apparently we left a piece out. I had to stop and wait for all the kids to clear out just to pull into my own driveway. It's one thing to play while my kids are out playing, but to help yourself when we are not home?! That bothers me. I think I am a nice person and I probably shouldn't be complaining on my blog. But the thing is I have no back bone and will probably never say anything to the parent. Plus I have never met the parent. She doesn't live here. Very awkward situation!

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