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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Santa Has Arrived!

At one of our local malls - already. We were searching for some free fun so we took the kids to see him!

They had this "ice throne" set up so you can take your own photos while in line. Very nice!

Santa's helper... he was really happy and into his elf character. I wonder how long the happiness will last as we get closer to Christmas.

The theme was "Narnia". Pretty cool!

I took my own pics. I just can't see paying their prices. The smallest pkg is $20 for 2 8x10s. They go way up from there. For the same $$, you can get some beautiful portraits done elsewhere! I paid a total of $18 for our recent family portrait:)

I never did get a good angle. I didn't want to be obvious. This was the 1st year since Brandon was 7 mnths old that he was willing to sit on Santa's lap! YAY!
It is so hard not to start preparing for Christmas. The stores are decorated, and the next 2 houses to the right of ours have their decorations up! I was tempted to put lights out and at least our front liv rm tree. (which is just a skinny pre-lit tree that I don't really decorate)
But... I don't want to take away from any Thanksgiving decor before Thanksgiving. I did put up my door wreaths. They are really "winter wreaths" not so Christmas oriented.
I have fall flowers, a little scarecrow and a lit up pumpkin on the door step. They all need to stay for Thanksgiving:)
But come Friday the 26th, it is on! I have everything out sitting at the foot of the stairs in the basement just ready to be brought up. Deck the halls!

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