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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our handmade decorations! Something fun we did on a rainy day. I had to tear up those bats that same night tho, apparently they were too scary.

Halloween night ~ yes, that psycho clown is me!

That old ugly man is my husband. LOL!

The Culdesac kids ~ Zach (pumpkin bobblehead), the Six Flags man, ummmmm.. a beat up kid?? and Marilyn Manson!

The BEST part of the evening was munching on candy and making some candles!
My adorable husband surprised me with candle making stuff from the craft store. Something we could do as a family he said! What a sweet man:) I love candles, like to make stuff and love spending time with my family. How perfect!
He bought some beads, candle jelly and glass containers. All you do is glue the wick down, put in your decorative items and squeeze out the scented candle jelly!

Our finished candles:) They smell so nice! Lavender, strawberry and vanilla.
Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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