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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Contest Winner!

Thank you to all that entered my contest for Awareness! We picked a winner out of a hat. (ok, out of a pumpkin)

Faith draws the winner and then realizes she can't read yet.

The winner is.... can you see who?

A little background information, Christy and I go wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back, back to High School in Dover Delaware! We were best friends! We had all the classic teen-age girl fun. Sleep overs, prank calls, driving around, hangin at the mall, etc...
After high school we rented an efficiency apartment on the beach in Florida and worked at McDonalds. Good times! There we met another friend and moved into another apartment with our new friend. She invited her sister to move in and we moved from apt to apt having many adventures! Now we are all grown and settled down with kids. Great memories!

Christy, I will be sending the goodies your way!

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