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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still Supporting PINK October!

YO YO YO!!! I am still around and still supporting the PINK this month! I went to get a hair cut at the Hair Cuttery and asked if they have been coloring hair pink this month, and my stylist told me they have been "fusing" strips of pink hair for people. I said "I WANT IT!" So I now have a strip of pink hair for Breast Cancer Awareness month, even tho there is only a week left. This should last a month or so:) Not sure I will keep it that long or not. I look like I am trying to relive my teenager years. LOL!
Speaking of 1 week left of October, only ONE person has entered my contest!
Why is that???? The one person entered happens to be my last years' winner. Should I just mail her the goods? Or would YOU like a chance too? I am extending the drawing date until Nov 1st. If you want to enter, simply leave a comment on my contest post.
Otherwise, I am more than happy to send my dear Best Friend another pink package! :)
The Pink Ladies Pledge
is to act cool
to feel cool
and to BEEEE cool
til death do us part
Anyone know what that is from??


Suzanne said...

Love it! I may keep mine ;)

Angel said...

I kNOW. It's from Grease. Right? Go ahead and send it this way. LOL I just found out that my ex-sister in law (Brothers first wife) has a rare form of breast cancer. Its sad.

christy said...

That would be from grease 2.