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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brandon is Potty Trained!!

Brandon is finally potty trained! Everyone told me, "he will go when he is ready" and those words could not have been more true. It was like one day he woke up and decided "today is the day" to use the toilet. Seriously!! He started pulling down his pull ups to go... so I switched him to his underwear, thinking I would be cleaning up puddles and washing underwear all day, but NO! No matter what he has to do - he runs to the bathroom to do it!! AMAZING!! I still have Brandon and Faith BOTH wear pull ups at night and last night Brandon actually woke up to go pp in the potty! INCREDIBLE! I think once this box of pull ups I have are gone, I will switch them both to those reusable training pants to sleep in.

We were so proud of Brandon for using the toilet, we bought him a Captain America shield. He has been pretending that other toys are a Captain America shield, so now he has a "real" one.

He loves super heroes, just like his daddy♥

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