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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Butterfly

They opened the 200th Harris Teeter right down the street from us and we went on opening day. I expected it to be a great time with great deals, snacks and balloons. It was not what I expected. It was super crowded, but Faith did get her face painted. That was fun! The thing is.. you may know they have those cute little "customer in training" carts. Well this nice lady in front found the only 2 little carts available at the time so Brandon and Faith each had their own cart. GREAT!! This will keep them busy so they don't misbehave. (I have such a hard time in grocery stores) While Faith was in the face painting chair, a little girl walked up and took her little cart. I couldn't say anything, I just didn't want a confrontation and I figured my kids could take turns with a cart. That same little girl was next for the face painting. When Faith got out of the chair, she went to take the little cart which she had been using, and the Mom of that little girl snatched that cart away from her. Again, I don't like confrontation. I am a big wimp. Faith told me she wanted her cart back and I said "I know, but that little girl wanted a cart too and you can share with Brandon" Just wanted the mom to know what had happened. But I kinda think the mom told the little girl to go grab the cart from us. Who knows.

Any hoo, the store was super crowded, the prices were not so great and they were out of balloons:( This is me being a crab apple here. I did get to look at my beautiful butterfly all day!

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Blasé said...

Such a pretty Butterfly!