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Friday, September 10, 2010

My Husband Rocks!

I haven't blogged about my wonderful husband recently, and he deserves some attention. My hubby's number 1 priority in life is taking care of his family and making sure we are all happy. Scott thinks about our future and takes action to ensure we are living comfortably and kept safe. This is exactly what our recent trip to Arizona was all about. A plan to reduce our monthly bills to allow us to save our money for rainy days and to have some extra money for family fun time. Moving would have also been a fun adventure and an opportunity to visit new places. Although are plans for a move fell through, we sure did have a great trip together.

I want to give my husband some additional credit this week for having to deal with me. I had a rough day yesterday and I went a little crazy. (ok, perhaps I had a melt down or 2) I was stomping around this house yelling and screaming at everyone. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed to say the least. The house was (and still is) a mess, everything is breaking and/or falling apart and Brandon and Faith were working as a team to push me over the edge. Some men may have grabbed their car keys and left their crazy screaming wife and kids behind to drive far, far away. Or some men may have jumped in to yell BACK at their very moody wife which would have made matters MUCH worse. (really, if you are a man reading this, I advise you to never take this approach) MY sweet patient hubby just looked at me, helped with the kids a bit and quietly snuck back to his "office" to work. He came back a couple times to check on me and ask if I was feeling better. I did feel better by the end of the day, and I sure hope I am a nicer person to my family today.

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Blasé said...

Awwwww...poor lil' baby had herself a meltdown......awwwwww