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Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Year Older

Well, Scott and I each had a birthday recently. I had the kids make Daddy some bday cards:) They had a blast. We all went to dinner the Sat between our birthdays (our bdays are 5 days apart) Dinner was good.... but the next special occasion we just HAVE to get a sitter. Brandon really acted crazy in the restaurant and we ended up all stressed out. We went shopping for our gifts together, which I never want to do again. It took the element of surprise away from our birthdays. And well, us women, we need to be surprised sometimes. It's fun! Scott picked out headphones for the computer and I picked a shirt. We also bought some towels and a rug for our new bathroom. That's all there is to say about our birthdays. They came and went, and we are older. The end.

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