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Friday, June 18, 2010

Arizona ~ Home Sweet Home?

It started as a short and simple conversation. "Hey, check out the prices of the homes in Arizona". Then we started having "Arizona" conversations every day! Scott and I have been researching Arizona, calling Realtors and looking for a timeshare week for us to exchange!

Scott has talked about moving some where else before and I have dismissed it. We JUST bought this house 2 years ago and I love it here! Our family is near by! No way! But now, I know it would be a smart move. It would give us a sense of financial security. Right now we are living in fear. Moving away from family doesn't mean never seeing them again! Visits will be be fewer, but they will be more precious and give us something to look forward to.

I think moving to Arizona would be an exciting adventure!! A new chapter in our lives. More places to see. I have never been out west. We will be just a day trip away from many places I would love to visit. Mexico, California, Las Vegas, just to name a few.
Arizona looks beautiful online! Of course we want to visit prior to making any concrete plans. Hopefully, we can get out there really soon for a vacation. We figure if we can handle the heat in the summer, then we can make it out there:) We can also look at some houses in person instead of relying on the internet.

So, right now it is just a daydream. We have mentioned it to our work to see if we can relocate. The next step is to schedule that vacation and then we will go from there! One thing is for sure, we would NOT miss the snowy winters! But we would miss our family and friends, and I sure would miss my Church.
I would miss our home and all the hard work we have put into it. As long as we stay together, home is where we hang our hats!


Angel said...

15 hour drive

Anonymous said...

isn't Arizona on fire right now? Watch the news and wait for it to stop smoldering.

Joanna said...

It's really HOT right now but if you can handle hot weather for three months, then you will enjoy about 9 months of great weather.