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Friday, May 7, 2010

Zach Turns 11

My first born turned 11 on Sunday, May 2nd! He is so tall and so mature (sometimes). Where does the time go? What a wonderful day we had! Starting with Church. Great story - we went to Church and I went to serve in the Nursery and Zach went to his 5th grade class. (carrying his way cool new metal Bible I gave him that morning) Afterwards, Zach usually tells me who is preaching that day. Last Sunday he was excited saying "Tim Jones is preaching today"! Tim Jones is Zach's favorite. So, I start to tease him saying "Of course he is, I set it up that way especially for your Birthday!" Zach said "YEAH RIGHT." Little did I know what was to come... Service started with Tim Jones singing a ROCKIN song about "Zacchaeus". In the song he did sing "Zach" a couple of times. We were laughing. I looked in the program and it said "Zach" May 2nd. WOW! Anyone else think this is as cool as I do??? So Tim continues to tell the story of Zacchaeus and he mentions "Zach attack" a couple of times. HAHA! It was really something. Great story. Very cool coincidence! I even stopped and told Tim Jones after the service about the coolness of it all:) (so totally embarrassing Zach)

After Church we let Zach open his last 2 presents. (first 2 being the Bible and a magazine subscription to his favorite, WWE) Zach opened a package from his Godparents containing socks, candy and an itunes card! Zach had asked for socks (the boy can go through some socks) and he was excited to get the itunes card as I have been letting him SHARE my ipod. This would mean more R&B/Rap music from today on my IPOD. (which I don't care for) But wait! One more present from us was.... his very own... IPOD Nano! A gently used 3rd generation. Way cool! Zach was super happy and I think he was smiling for 2 hours straight.

Except here... no smiling for the camera I guess

I gave Zach an appetizer of his favorite mozzarella sticks. Daddy cooked some rib eye steaks on the grill. I also made some veggies (for me) and fries and nuggets. Minus the veggies, the rest were Zach's request!

German chocolate cake for dessert. I allowed myself 2 bites.

Faith cleaned her plate!

I think I may have helped Brandon with that last bite:)

We ended the day playing a Wii game that we rented for Zach. Sonic Winter Olympics I think??? It was fun. Zach won most of the games but was no match to me at bob sledding:) I was a natural! Haha:)

Happy Birthday Son! I love you more than you could ever know!

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Blasé said...

I'm just glad the boy is eating...

Happy B-Day, ZACH!