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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Big Event

Last Saturday, our Church held a "Big Event" at the Bud building that was purchased recently. (yes, a Budweiser plant) It was a grand celebration! A perfect opportunity to all get together and hear about the future plans of all that space. It is going to be amazing! We all had so much fun. Delicious food, games and entertainment for the whole family!

There was face (or arm) painting. Brandon wanted a train on his arm. Faith had a princess crown painted on her forehead.

Zach climbed the wall 3 times!

Brandon liked the games. I thought this game was SO cute! It's a piggy race and Brandon's piggy won! I think I got overly excited. I am such a big kid sometimes.

Look at the pig!! I haven't had real roasted pig since I was 16 yrs old and now I am having it 2 weekends in a row! My sister is getting married this weekend and they are having a pig roast too! YUM. This pig was delicious and was cooked by my friend Lisa's hubby. Hey Lisa - our hubbys are standing right next to each other in the background of this picture. Kinda funny:)

They had 2 moonbounces!

LOTS and LOTS of legos!! This is only the bigger size for toddlers... behind them are the real original legos, thousands of them. No kidding.

Sno Cones! YUMMY! I love sno cones, especially on a hot day! So refreshing.

On the way home... a painted face, balloon and candy and a bracelet won from playing games. WOW! What a fun day!

If you want to come to Church with me some time, I love to bring friends! Let me know:)

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Lisa said...

I love your pictures! Yes, how very funny our husbands were standing beside each other :)

Glad you enjoyed yourself. It really was awesome! So glad to be part of New Life :)