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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodbye Diaper Bag

Hmm, I am blogging from my front steps. Never done that before. The kids want to play outside so I have to compromise:) UGH there is a HUGE bumble bee! EEEEK! Well, I will just blog until I get stung and blow up and pass out. Any hooooooooo...... My adorable sweet husband accidentally threw away the diaper bag. It's partly my fault. I cleaned out the truck before my trip to SC, and I put everything in a TRASHBAG. I then placed the bag up against the wall of the garage. Scott of course threw every trashbag out with the trash. What was I thinking? There were other things I will miss too, like Zach's Bible. Will have to get him a new one.
I took the kids to Wal-Mart today to pick out a backpack! They have been looking at these cool backpacks on wheels every time we go. So I thought, for $12, why not get them each their OWN bag?! They can happily pull their backpacks on wheels down the halls of Church or they can wear them on their backs. They can bring them to Memays or Nanas house. Faith can use hers on Mommy's and Faith's upcoming trip to Delaware! YAY! They are so neat and sparkly and even light up. I love them!

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Angel said...

UhOh.... I think I did the same thing recently...put eerything in a bag from my car and threw t away. I think that's where our car payment book went that Kevin has been scouring the house for. What else was in your diaper bag/trsh bag?