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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Mail

Yeah, I kinda dropped the ball with my coffee mug week!! Valentines weekend was pretty darn fun and I stayed away from the computer for a while. PLUS I had some horrible trojan virus on my laptop that I was having trouble getting rid of. I finally cleaned it up and I am back in business! Yes we had a wonderful Valentines weekend. We received some of Angel's beautiful hand made cards:) We gave the kids some candy and cards from us. Nana babysat and Scott and I went out, it was nice! I will blog about that tomorrow. Today, we received some love mail out of the blue! The kids received some more valentines cards in the mail from our friend Jill. They are always excited to get mail. AND we received a package from my dear friend Lisa!! Lisa thought I should have some cups from good ol West Virginia added to my collection. THANK YOU LISA!
Lisa also sent the kids lots of cool goodies. Frisbees, activity books, crayons, pencils, rulers.. we love it all! Feels good to get fun mail instead of bills:)

A nice big mug, just the way I like em!

This cup is really pretty with a unique handle. I love it!
Thanks Lisa! Love you!


jennbecc said...

ok....I guess I missed it, but what's up with the cups BBBFF?? lol

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys enjoyed your goodies complements from the great state of WV!!! Lisa