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Thursday, January 28, 2010

WARNING! Potty Training in Progress

THIS IS IT!! No slacking, no turning back. We learned in Church last week about procrastination. How easy it is to say "I will start a week from Tuesday". Success happens when you start RIGHT NOW! Don't make a start date. So, this morning Faith mentioned the potty and I decided on the spot, I am doing this NOW. I let them sit on the pottys this morning and then I had B & F each pick out a pair of "big kid" underwear to wear.

I covered the furniture with towels

The plan is, undies for most of the day. Diapers will be worn for sleep time and bye byes.

From 9 am until 1 pm, we had 1 pp in the potty. (YAY FAITH!!)
Bran pp'd in his undies twice and Faith had an accident once. I tried this once before but with pull ups. I don't suggest pull ups as they look and feel like diapers. I was lazy about it last time. I feel very motivated this time, and I will keep going! My goal is to have them potty trained in 2 weeks or less.


Angel said...

I agree about the pullUps. We tried that at first (with Katie- they weren't around for the boys...GEE- I am OLD), but underwear is much better. they learn quicker that is isn't a good feeling to be wet. :-) They'll be all potty trained SOON. :-)

Blasé said...

2 weeks is a good goal. You can do it, Peggy!

Purple Patti said...

We deal with this all the time at school believe me it takes patients and time. But one thing we do is take them to the potty every hour or half hour on the hour. Whether they have to go or not, it helps eliminate accidents. AND LOTS and LOTS of PRAISE when they do go in the potty. Keeping the underware is definitely better then pullups. I totally agree with that. It will happen believe me but it may take a little more than 2 weeks. Good Luck!!!

Katie said...

You go, girl!!! I'm getting inspired reading this and have decided that we need to start now, too. Keep posting on how it's going!