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Sunday, January 3, 2010

This & That on a Sunday

My sweet uncle Rocky bought me flowers for Christmas! How I love flowers. It's a week later and they are still so beautiful! (even more beautiful now that the lily's opened!) My uncle Rocky is the sweetest most wonderful man! I just love him to pieces. Hope he knows.

*SIGH* I baked a cake. It looks like a flop. Also.... I took my beautiful glass cake dome and put it aside so I could frost the cake. Then I walked to the family room for something when I heard a noise and saw Brandon slowly moving the cake dome towards him. I yelled NO BRANDON, NO!!
He kept it moving and it fell of the counter and SHATTERED in a million pieces! So many things have broken since the twins were born. I was really upset about this cake dome. I don't know why I was so upset! I bought it myself, it wasn't a family heirloom. But it was nice, it looked nice and most importantly, it kept our baked good FRESH!! Now this floppy messy looking cake is going to go stale.

I start a diet tomorrow. So - we ordered chinese food. The twins had chinese for the 1st time and they really liked it!! They had sweet & sour chicken which is a lot like chicken nuggets any way:)

We went shopping on Saturday (used some gift cards) and the kids talked me into getting this Mickey Mouse. He is the Macy's Holiday 2009 Mickey (do they have one every year??) He came with a Macy's alarm clock which I am using in my office!

Faith is getting pretty attached to Mickey. She had to bring him to Church today.
In other news - there were 6 babies in the Church nursery today. Wow! There were only 2 of us for a bit. I kept saying, we got this, we are ok. But we didn't. LOL! Someone came to help us and change some poopies. WHEW!
Zach goes back to school tomorrow. I am always so sad when he goes back after a break.
We take Brandon to the Dr tomorrow to have his stitches removed. He is going to hate it!
I am starting a diet and exercise routine tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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Angel said...

Good Luck! :-)
I was doing good until today. Woke up with a UTI. I went to the dr and then came home and have been eating ever since. :-(
Back to the drawing board tomorrow. IF I feel better. {{hugs}}