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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday ~ I am doing it again!!

It has been SO SO long since I have done a "tackle it tuesday"! The big day to blog about your housework:) With the new year here, I certainly have a lot of tackles to do. Today I started with my pantry.....

My pantry has not been cleaned since my sister Patti cleaned it a year ago at Christmas time!!!! In addition to being a big ol mess, it is also a bit bare. I will fill it up more this weekend when I go shopping again:)

And this is after... we can see the floor again! Whew. That wasn't so bad!

Another tackle I accomplished this week (on Monday) was to finally put together a Chore list for Zach to put up on the fridge! I need to tackle my parenting skills this year as well. Zach gets away with a lot! I have to stay on him to make sure he showers, brushes his teeth and wears clean clothes! Perhaps this is common for age 10. Here is the list I made, I added some personal hygiene items at they appear to be "chores". Zach earns $5 allowance a week for doing his chores. Sometimes, he rather lose the money than do anything! Maybe this list will help??


Purple Patti said...

I'm disappointed about the pantry. LOL Only kidding. I knew it wouldn't last. Always taking things and adding things to the pantry, it is hard to keep it up. I would love to come help you all the time if I lived closer.
And Yeah that is totally normal for a 10 yr old not to want to shower and brush teeth. Especially boys. Trust me I KNOW! It's dumb-- why they just don't want to do it is beyond me. But they do out grow it AND THEN You have them wanting to be in the shower all the time and forever. BOYS!!! What can I say.
Miss Ya!!! Love Ya!!!

Leena said...

Peggy, I love your ideas about chores and the chart you made. From my experience when I was a nanny, that is common for that age to have to be reminded to do things. The chart and allowance will surely give Zach some incentive. I love your blog!!:))