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Monday, January 11, 2010

So far this year...

The first couple of weeks of the new year has been pretty good! We received a huge Christmas package from Angel which was filled with so many goodies! Thank you Angel!!

We all love our gifts!!

Faith wearing a new outfit. Sorry Angel, she is so difficult to photograph sometimes!

Brandon doesn't mind the camera at all. He was wearing new pants to go with his new Thomas shirt earlier, but fell down outside in the dirt.

The whole family in bed. LOL!! We all hang out in bed to watch the Pajanamals lullaby every night. (I have the Pajanamals video at the bottom of my blog)

Zach has been giving Faith piggy back rides a lot lately! They play so well together.
Since the 1st (well, since the 4th really) I have been dieting and working out. I am doing well so far and I feel quite motivated to keep going!!
I have also been trying to stay on top of house chores. I have been keeping up with laundry and trying to keep the rest of the house clean. It's so hard to do with toddlers! As for my real New Years resolution - to potty train these little tykes, well... I haven't started.

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Purple Patti said...

Man they are growing up so FAST!!! They no longer look like little babies. They are so Cute!!! Miss you all. Potty training will come, don't worry.