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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Making Spending Money

I have been selling some stuff on Craig's list to make some spending $$ for our vacation that is approaching fast! So far, I have made $86. This is exactly enough to pay for a facial at the spa. Something I want to do, but that is still a lot of $$. It cost half that around here! We really have to be careful on this vacation. We are very limited with Christmas coming, bills, bills, bills and so on. I hope to make more $$ soon. I have a few items left to sell that I am getting responses from!

We will naturally do a few fun things while we are there. Definitely snow tubing! Hopefully the twins will be tall enough to go.

Just hanging out in the resort is fun to me. I will bring some games and toys for the kids.

The indoor waterpark is something for the whole family to enjoy!

But... oooh.. the spa. *SIGH*
Scott and his brother are going skiing one day. So, I want to do something that I like to do. (I do not have any desire to ski, been there, done that, not good) An hour plus away from everyone... just me. The comfy bed/table. the soft beautiful spa music. The light therapeutic scents. The hot stones, the steamed towels, the massage! Aaaaahhhhhhh
So very very tempting. But for the very same $85, Zach can have a snow boarding lesson. a 4 plus hour lesson. Price includes the eqt rental and ski lift pass. Oh, AND lunch! This could be a great and fun experience for Zach. As a mom, part of me wants to sacrifice my 1 hour for his afternoon of fun on the slopes. BUT Zach will be doing all those other fun things too! (besides skiing) Plus I am taking him to see New Moon while we are there. I deserve my hour of blissful relaxation. OR I could take that same $85 and take my mother in law shopping while the men are skiing. I could spend that $$ on Christmas presents, which is ultimately what I should do. It is quality time spent with my dear MIL, we could go out to lunch while we are shopping. (we usually do) It would be an adventure because we would be in a different mall, on our vacation. We could create a memory.
Again... I won't care about snow boarding lessons, shopping, lunch, the mall.. when I am on the soft cushioned table having my temples massaged.

What should I do?

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Purple Patti said...

You are too funny. TAKE THE TIME FOR YOURSELF!!!! How often do you or would you have the chance to do that? Don't feel guilty either, times like that, keeps you SANE!!!! Just Do it. You can still go to the mall with your MIL but just window shop. LOL. You know you want the SPA--it is CALLING YOU!!!!