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Friday, November 20, 2009

It's Santa, RUN!!!

We took Brandon & Faith to the mall today to see Santa. They seemed to like the idea when we talked about it. Santa's area is a great set up with a 'Polar Express' scene that B & F really enjoyed! Yet, whe we got up to see Santa, they each FREAKED! Faith climbed up Scott's face and Brandon threw himself down screaming and crying in a pile of pointsettas. We didn't even try to get them to sit on Santa. Faith went with Daddy past Santa out the exit. I could not get Brandon to even walk past the man to get out. Had to take my kicking screaming boy back thru the entrance past the other kids waiting:)

Once back out, Brandon looked at Santa from a safe place:)

After Santa, we went to BK for lunch.

That was our Santa test! Will try again next year:)


Blasé said...

HAAA! yeah, there is always next year.

Angel said...

Oh, poop. :-) I always love the Santa pics.