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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My First Contest ~ For a Cause

October is here!! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I can't think of a better time to have my first ever blog contest. My contest rules are rather simple, so invite a friend to play along! I am going to have a drawing on October 30th to choose the winner of my little prize package. I have a drawing bag and I will enter your name for each task that you perform this month. Here is the list of ways to enter the contest;

  1. Have a mammogram this month (or at least schedule your appointment)
  2. Donate money to an organization such as American Cancer Society or Susan G. Komen for the Cure to assist with funding for research
  3. Register for a walk for the cure such as Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or Walk for Hope
  4. Blog, Tweet or Facebook about my contest. (you will get an entry for each one of these options)
  5. Share your story about yourself or someone you love and the fight against breast cancer. You can share in my comments section or via email, or you can blog about your story and leave a link to your post in a comment please.

You will receive an entry in my drawing for each one of the above. Let me know by leaving me a comment or you can email me at WebbPeg@usaDOTredcrossDOTorg .

Now for the prize... Drum Roll Please......

Some pink ribbon goodies!!! Your prize package contains some pretty pink ribbon, pink ribbon brads, post it notes, rubber ducks, stickers, and MY favorite, a couple of classic friendship pins!! (remember those? LOVE them!!) Good luck all! I want to have fun, but I also want to spread the word of the importance of being aware. Much love to all!

This post and contest is dedicated to my late Aunt Ellen. Read about my Aunt here.


Jill said...

My Aunt Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer probably 12 years ago - maybe in her early 50's. She went through chemo and therapy and is a survivor. She passes out breast self - exam shower cards to all the women in her life. She had lung cancer this spring, but seems to be making an amazing recovery. She also had kidney cancer before breast cancer and survived that too. She's cancer's arch nemesis.
Neat idea Peggy!

Angel said...

Hi Peg! I've got my mammogram scheduled! Went by yesterday and signed the release so they can get my old films sent here. Looks like some great goodies. The friendship pins are cute! I have a question for you about the donating. When I was grocery shopiing yesterday I chose the pink ribbon items over other brands each time. Can I count that as a donation? Maybe if I take a pic and post it on my blog? A certain # of items? :-)Just sayin. {{hugs}}

Angel said...

I blogged about your contest today. Check it out!