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Friday, October 9, 2009

Day at the Zoo

Yesterday, Scott took the day off work and took us to the Zoo! (The D.C. National Zoo) How nice! It was a beautiful day for it. The twins have been talking about the zoo for a while. All my fault since I like to show them the live zoo cams on the computer:) I didn't take many pictures for a couple of reasons. Number one reason is my camera died after taking 2 shots! So most of these pictures were taken from my cell phone. Another reason is I have many pictures of all the same animals from our trip to the zoo last year. Really, depending on how old some of those animals are, I probably have pics of the same animals from when I was a little kid.

The zoo now has a little "pizza" play area for the kids. They can jump around on the giant pizza and top the pizza with giant mushrooms and pepperoni.

I think they liked the pizza play area more than anything else! Scott joked that we could have just gone up the road to a mall play area and they would have been just as happy.

Looking at the giant panda! They liked him.

We all really enjoyed the Amazon exhibit. This was closed last time we went. Faith really enjoyed the fish!
I took this picture of the turtle for Zach.

Like most of the big exhibits, the elephant house was CLOSED!! Most of the zoo was under construction. Kind of disappointing. Bran and Faith have been talking about elephants for months. They say "elepants are in the zoo!" I was glad to at least see a couple outside.
Other exhibits that were closed were tigers and seals, a couple of my favorites!!

At least the ape house was open. Gorillas are so fascinating!!

Brandon looks like he is trying to give the big monkey a hug!

Sadly, when we went back to the car, we had a $100 parking ticket. That stinks!! We were too close to a metro bus stop. That was a really expensive trip and comes at a bad time! Live and learn.

Ok, ok, so we may be bad parents for going to the zoo while Zach was in school. He was pretty upset. I managed to win his heart again by promising to take him to Borders on Monday. He has been asking to go to Borders just to sit and hang out! He wants to read some comics. I kinda like to hang out at book stores too. They have coffee shops so I am happy. A new "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book comes out on Monday, so in addition to taking Zach to Borders, I am going to buy him this book. I have to admit, I have read some of these books with Zach and they are pretty funny! Zach is happy once again:)

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