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Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Night Out with Gonzo's Nose! Featuring the ever famous - Mike Webb:)

My weekend in review....

Donna and I went out to see my brother in law, Mike rock the house with Gonzo's Nose! I love to go see them when they play somewhat close to my home.

Mike makes the crowd go wild!

I sent an open invite to come out on my facebook page, look at all the crazies it attracted. LOL! Pictured above on the right is Pete who used to work with Scott and I at the Red Cross.. with him are his beautiful wife, her sister and their friends.

What a fun group. Pete's wife joined the band using a ketchup bottle as a mic!

Another big surprise from my FB invite was an old friend of mine, Mo. I have not seen him in... 6 years maybe?

Donna meets my brother in law:)

Susana and I

Mike and I

Here is a small clip.. I always record this song for Zach as it is one of his favorites.

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