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Friday, September 18, 2009

My Husband Rocks ~ Surprise Morning of FUN!

I had made plans to do some housework this morning. I had a couple projects I wanted to work on. Out of the blue, my dear hubby says to get the babies dressed to go to the House of Bounce! Oh Boy! I decided to give up my house projects for some family fun. (well, our family was not complete without Zach:( He will be mad!!) Off to the House of Bounce we went...

Faith on the tallest slide/bounce there. She can climb the tall ladder by herself now! I still went with her a few times. Sure is fun:)

At the bottom of the tall slide. This is where Faith stops.. however, between my weight and my silky pants I wore, I slid all the way to the end. WooooWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bran does not like the tall slide as much, but he did a lot better than the last time we went!

Drink break - first time trying a water fountain.

Yeah, they are all wet.

Taking a break in the big comfy chair!

As always, no matter what fun place we go to, Faith did NOT want to leave. Brandon, however, brings us all our shoes saying "bye bye".

After 2 hours of bouncing, Daddy surprised us again by taking us to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet! YUM! Thanks honey, you really do rock!! ♥

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Blasé said...

"My husband Rocks, and is wonderful and is great and fabulous..blah blah blah"

I just looked at the pics from the past few posts. Too Funny! I love this Blog!