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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Popsicles and Cheesecake

Catchy title, eh? I took the kids out for some fun on Tuesday. We went to the mall so the twins could run and play in the play area. It was so hot outside so I was looking for indoor fun. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was another reminder that I CAN NOT AFFORD the cheesecake factory!! What was I thinking?? I was thinking cheesecake, obviously. I am dieting and the cheesecake factory has a low carb cheesecake made with splenda. I often wonder if that is just an advertising gimic and the cheesecake just goes straight to your hips.

The Cheesecake Factory offers "baby plates" free of charge! (big deal, you still spend $40 or more for just 2 people) Baby plates include bread and sliced bananas. Bran and Faith scarfed that down and continued to finish the basket of bread on the table:) Lil piggies!

Before dinner, we played. Big brother Zach watched from up above:)

It always amazes me that Bran and Faith usually stick together when playing in public. It makes watching them easy for me! Altho, they did make a run for it and I had to chase them into the DMV which was located next to the play area. I wonder how many times they see toddlers flying through their doors?

Bran and Faith have been eating popsicles every day! (sugar free) They love them. Faith finishes first and then eats the rest of Brandon's.
I think Brandon and Faith are officially in their "terrible twos". WOW!!
Faith (now known as Faithzilla) has terrible tantrums all the time. She screams so loud, throws herself, bites herself, bangs her head on the wall/floor. Every day I apologize to my Dad and to God for being such a brat when I was little, but it doesn't seem to help:)
Brandon is very demanding when he wants something. Because he can not speak as clearly as Faith, he gets REALLY upset if we don't understand him. He will take our hand and brings us to what he wants. The newest thing that Brandon does - is let us know when he has pooped by bringing us a handful!!!! I scream every time I see him holding up a handful of poop. DISGUSTING!!
Zach has actually been a sweetheart this week! Not because of being away for a week, no. That didn't change his attitude at all. WWE Collectors cups at 7-11 changed his attitude. LOL!! I surprised him one night bringing him a WWE cup, and he was SOOOO happy! He cleaned his room and the family room without being asked. He has been so sweet all week! All for a $2 cup. So, I bought him another one.
My friend is still staying with us in our basement. This has been super great for me. She loves the kids and often invites them downstairs to play while I do - whatever I want! She changes diapers, buys diet coke, and cleans the kitchen after me. I am really enjoying the help:)
The rest of August will of course fly by for me. I work all through my next weekend, so no days off until the 15th. Hopefully that weekend I will be able to go see my brother-in-law in concert. The 26th is Scott and my 3 yr anniversary:) Since we now have a live in babysitter, we can go out on a real date this year!! I want to go to Red Lobster and see a movie.
I will have to go back to school shopping for Zach some time this month. I better go soon so he doesn't end up with all the left over reject supplies.
That's all folks, have a great day!


Sarah Bee said...

How the cheesecake factory!

Sorry to hear you are going through the "terrible two's" I'll pray they get better quickly.

Praise God for help around the house and Congrats on your 3rd Anniversary! Isn't being married fabulous! I love it! Have fun at Red Lobster and a movie! =]

Blasé said...

The kid pics-HAAAA, WHOOOoo! I Love it! LOL

We have a Cheesecake Factory just 4miles from our home in Raleigh.