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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perfect Little Water Park!

Hello bloggy land! I have been slacking. I notice I blog about once or twice a week when I used to blog daily. The only explanation I have is: facebook!
Hope everyone had a nice weekend as well as a nice week. I took the kids to WV Sat for a visit. It was nice to see everyone and one of my sisters was in town for the weekend. I brought my camera, but didn't take any pictures! Then I LEFT my camera there!!!! Oh my. My camera is so important to me. My parents understand and put it in the mail. Perhaps I will get it today. I tried to spend the night there with the babies. Didn't work. At 1:30 am Brandon decided he wanted to sleep in his own bed! I packed up the kids into the truck and drove home. We got home at 3 am. I was tired, but glad I did it. Bran and Faith happily climbed into their beds and slept til 9 ish.

Monday, we decided to check out a local park that is 10 minutes away. It was really nice! Ball parks, pavillions, walking trails, playgrounds AND a little water park. The water park was PERFECT for the twins! The middle pool is all 1 ft deep with many different slides and sprinklers. There is a 3 ft lazy river that wraps around the play area. There is also a seperate area for older kids that you can walk across logs and such. Since I didn't have my camera, I used my cell phone. The pictures are not so bad.

Zach in the lazy river

Brandon sitting on a turtle

Brandon & Mommy

The middle area

Zach on the logs

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