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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our 3rd Aniversary

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. We had to work and plan to go out o a date this weekend. We did exchange gifts and order pizza for dinner. YUM! If you follow the traditional anniversary gift list, then you know #3 is leather. Well, last year was cotton. I bought Scott a cotton bath pillow, he bought me flowers. So, I thought Scott did not want to follow the list. I bought him this:

A personalized bar sign for his man cave downstairs. I think I will add a piece of leather some where, because Scott followed the list and I think it will be a fun guideline to follow! Scott gave me this:

He wrapped it in pretty paper! A special treat:)

Ta da!! A leather photo album. I love it! I filled it last night. I want to buy some more pages to add more.
Hopefully we can go out on Sat or Sun depending on when we can get a sitter. I am looking forward to some alone time with my husband!

1 comment:

Blasé said...

That Scott puts on a mean Wrapper!