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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busch Gardens

Ah ~ our 2nd trip to Busch Gardens this year.WOW! This trip was SO MUCH more fun thanks to Angel and her family helping us with the babies! Scott and I were able to ride some rides together:) I am not crazy about roller coasters. I am SO afraid of heights. But, I rode most of them and I survived and had fun:)

We packed a picnic lunch which was a GREAT idea! The food prices are so outrageous. I enjoyed having the picnic.

Katie & I took the twins on the Oscar ride in Forest of Fun

This was Brandon's FAVORITE ride! He didn't want out.

This is the ONE roller coaster I refused to go on. The Griffon. Scott and Kevin rode it - and I think this was their car. Very hard to see!

Last May when we took the twins to Sesame Street's Forest of Fun, they were terrified of the characters. This time, Faith ran up to each character and gave them a BIG hug! Sooooo cute. Brandon was still scared.

A water play area in Land of the Dragons - I am so glad I brought a change of clothes!

Daddy & Brandon in the Land of the Dragons

Boat ride in Forest of Fun

Balloon ride

What happens after too many rides :)

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