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Sunday, June 14, 2009

What's Going on at the Webbs'

I mentioned to Scott that I would like to have the family room painted... some day. Well, the tile contractors working on our kitchen are also painting contractors. They offered us a deal IF we could do it this weekend along with the tile.. so we went for it. We wanted this particular area of the house done by professionals since it has the high ceilings and requires a tall ladder. Any other room will be done by us. I chose a deep yellow color as it matches the furniture and still keeps the room bright and cheery. It also goes well with the brick red kitchen which the family room opens up to. The dining room is already done in beige colors, so I didn't want any duplicates.

Here is the tile we selected. Of course this picture was taken yesterday as he was still laying the tile. Now he is doing the grout. I will be taking "after" pictures on Tuesday!

Also this week, we had our tree root plumbing issue fixed. You can read about what happened here. On a good note, we did not have to pay the 8 or 9 thousand the 1st guy quoted us! We found a company familiar with the problem who fixed our pip at a fraction of the cost. (still an expensive problem to have!!) While I was in SC with the kids, Scott cut the "problem" tree down. (with some help from our friendly neighbors) Then the plumbing company came over to dig a 10 ft hole and fix the broken pipe.

Here is the chunk of tree roots they found inside! They had broken into the pipe. It was only a matter of time before we would have had the same problem happen again!

The tree roots ran very deep. I thought the tree was beautiful in our front yard, but unfortunately it was planted right over the main sewer line!

Sadly, this is what our front yard looks like now! Horrible. We have to wait a few weeks for the dirt to settle, then we will lay some sod. Next year, I hope to work on the appearance of the outside of our house. Hopefully with some pretty landscaping and maybe a new sidewalk!

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Katie said...

Oh my gosh, Peggy! I haven't been blogging in a while and don't know how I missed your previous post about the tree roots. What a nightmare!! I'm so glad you finally got things fixed, but what a bummer about the damage done. Good thing for insurance, though. On another note-- I LOVE LOVE the new tile-- gorgeous! And the color in the living room is pretty and will match the kitchen nicely. Good choice! ;)