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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keeping the Kids Occupied...

I am happy to report that we are having some fun home improvements done to our house! We are getting new kitchen tile and having the family room and loft painted. The floor takes longer than the painting and was started on Wednesday. So, we have had to keep the babies away from the kitchen and the family room since Wednesday! This is just a little different from our normal routine.

Yesterday, we went for a walk in Old Town Manassas.

In the evenings, after playing outside, we usually hang out in the basement until bed time. I have been serving dinner in the basement too.

We have been playing outside a lot.. this is B & F's new Barbie car I bought from a friend. They LOVE it! Brandon is the only one who can reach the gas. He still doesn't understand how to steer. Faith just enjoys the ride!

Zach wishes he could fit in the car:)

We went to Chuck E Cheese Friday for lunch. Oh, as you can imagine, we have been going out to eat a lot too since we do not have use of the kitchen!

If you haven't been to CEC in Manassas recently, well - they have renovated the inside and it looks great! It is much better than it was.

"Hello? Chucky? Is that you?"

Faith loves horses now! I bought her a little stuffed horse that she sleeps with at night. His name is "CiCi" (since that is what it sounds like when she tries to say "horsey")
We should only have to avoid the kitchen and family room today and tomorrow. Tuesday I am hoping life will go back to normal:)

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