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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Walk and a Funny Video by Zach

Last post for today and I am all caught up with blogging about our week:) Yesterday after nap time, it was 70 degrees out so we went for a walk and to a playground.

It is finally looking like Spring around here!

Hmmm, we found this large cat at the playground. No collar. Seemed to be nice.. rubbed up against my legs, purred when I petted him. He also jumped in my lap while I was sitting on a bench and he started pawing my legs (you know how cats do - I don't know what it is called) while he was doing that I found out quickly that he has some VERY sharp claws. Hmmmm. I looked at my little tornado shaped scar on my hand and remembered my ugly Frankenstein looking scar on my forehead - both received when I was a curious toddler wanting to pet a cat. So, I decided NOT to let the cat near the kids. Darn cat did NOT want to leave the playground as if he lived there. The kids played on the slide and he was right there with them! They were meowing (Brandon and Faith, not the cat) and trying to pet or pull his tail. We ended up going home.

Here is a pretty funny video that Zach took while I was strapping the crazies in their stroller. As you can see, Faith is having a FIT!! She was not ready to go home yet. She never is! So this is the aftermath of a typical outing.

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Tara said...

So cute!! how are you?? love your new blog look! too cute!