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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kidz Drop Zone - FUN!

We went to a place called Kidz Drop Zone yesterday. It was fun! Brandon and Faith loved it. We thought it might have a little more to do, but it was a nice change of pace. The cost is $5 per hour a child. They also offer a drop off service for $7.50 an hour for up to 3 hours. This is to allow parents to go run errands or have a date! Don't know if we will use that or not. If you stay, they do have a parents room where you can sit and read, use your laptop and drink coffee or water. Pretty cute. I think an hour was plenty of time for Brandon and Faith! So for $10 they had a good time and ran off some of that energy! Resulting in a wonderful afternoon nap for me:)

On our way there, we went a little to far and stumbled upon Webb Drive! Had to take a picture:)
teeter totter

Here are the stairs that lead to the entrance to a very fast slide and the zip line! Also the top to a hill of mattresses

This was a pretty cool swing. Faith loved it!

Come on Dad, you roll down the mattresses too.


Faith on this big mattress hill

This was a dark room with 2 entrances.

WOAH! Brandon SCREAMED after his one ride on the slide. It was a bit to fast for him:)

Giddy up bright bouncy horsey things!

A bedroom with a bed just for jumping on!

Here is a video of Bran and Faith just running around:)

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