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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A New Friend

The lady who sold us the train table threw in some other items.. one being this Bratz doll head thing. Her hair had a nice french braid, but of course I took it out to play! That is what you do with dolls that have hair after all. Brandon tried to brush her hair too.

I wanted Faith to pose with her new friend! What kind of face is that???

There we go. This is how we play with the doll head. We still have to name her... I do not approve of her outfit and all the make-up, so I call her "hootchy mama" but that is not a nice name to teach my daughter:) LOL!

Awwww, give hootchy mama a kiss!

This is Zach on April Fools day. HAHAHA! He did a special school broadcast that morning and wanted to dress silly:) Man, as I type this, I realize I never asked how that went! Bad mom moment.
Tomorrow is Zach's last day of school before Spring break! Woo hoo!!

Here is a little video of what Brandon likes to do when he is NOT playing with the train set:)

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Sarah Bee said...

Such a cute video! How exciting to think about a vacation! You do deserve one! Can't wait to hear how it goes! =]