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Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Recap and Menu Plan Monday

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know we did:) Saturday I took the kids to the mall again to walk around and have lunch in the food court. Saturday evening we had company! I invited a co-worker of mine and his beautiful family over for dinner and games. We had a fabulous time! Our families really hit it off and plan to have get togethers in the future when it is nice out and we can grill and play outside:) Darrell has been a friend of mine and Scott's for several years. He video taped our wedding back in 2006. It was so great to finally meet his wife and daughters. We ate dinner, played Music Scene It and then sang Karaoke!

Darrell and the kids singing:)

Darrell and his beautiful women:)

On Sunday the kids and I had a fantastic morning at Church. After Church, Brandon and Faith went down for their AN nap and Zach and I went to the movies to see Mall Cop. It was hilarious!!!
We are all fans of Kevin James in this house! Funny guy.
Sunday evening we ate leftover baked ziti and had a quiet evening at home. The kids were all in very good moods. They have been very affectionate lately, passing out hugs all around! I would have to say that Zach has ALWAYS been affectionate, and still is today at age 9! He is such a sweetie. Brandon now gives us BIG bear hugs and giant wet kisses! I love it.
After Brandon and Faith went to bed, Daddy, Zach and I played a game of Sequence. Zach won!
Some pics from this morning - Brandon and Faith are still in happy moods. Such a refreshing change from all of us being sick for so long.

Brandon has a new favorite show I think - Thomas!! He calls it "choo choo". Faith also likes to watch Thomas. They both get excited when he comes on. I think we may need to get them a Thomas toy for their birthday!

Faith looking surprised after she knocked the gate down 20 minutes before it was time to go upstairs for a nap. As soon as I snapped this picture she had gone upstairs so super fast!! Brandon soon followed. So they watched some Wiggles for a bit upstairs before nap time.

And now for Menu Plan Monday!

I haven't posted my menu in a long time!! All because I haven't been planning meals. I want to lose weight so I eat a lot of Special K cereal and Lean Cuisine meals. I feed the kids whatever they want basically and Daddy fends for himself. I never claimed to be a domestic goddess! LOL But the truth is, I LIKE to plan our week's meals. So, I have decided I can still cook a meal now and then and as long as I exercise and use portion control, maybe I can still lose a few pounds for the beach.

MONDAY: Wings and Salad (cooking the wings in the crock pot now, YUM!)

TUESDAY: Fish Sticks and fries (I will probably have a LC)

WEDNESDAY: FFY (fend for yourself)

THURSDAY: Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza (one of those new family size frozen Lean Cuisine pizzas)


SATURDAY: Lasagna cooked in the crock pot!


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