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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pictures from Last Week

I feel as though I have been behind in blogging, facebooking, emailing... keeping in touch via electronic means! Here are some select photos from this past week to give you an update..

I decided to order the harnesses (or leashes as some people call them) for the twins. Faith didn't want to wear hers... but she has a pink poodle. I know a lot of people are against these, but I say SAFETY FIRST!! If I am alone with the twins and I am going into a place that is not stroller friendly, I need a way to keep one safe while getting the other out of their car seat. I do not intend to have leashes just to walk my kids around the mall or something. I will keep them in the car for as needed situations.

Brandon needed another haircut! Daddy gave Zach a haircut too. I didn't get "after" pics of both boys - but I will. Brandon is so good while getting a haircut. He sits perfectly still!

Don't know what look he is going for... but I call him "Elvis"

Brandon and Faith have really taken an interest in coloring. I think it is time for coloring books!

Brandon OFTEN falls asleep while playing. I have yet to see Faith fall asleep outside of her crib or car seat.

Brandon - again♥ I love my baby boy! I love all of my kids of course:)

Yesterday, just for fun, I set up a couple of moving boxes to play in. Faith had a blast! Brandon didn't care so much.

Oh yeah - along with our bedroom set, we bought a new table. Our old table was falling apart and was quite an eye sore. This table has a country feel - just like Angel's table. I love your table Angel!!!

"mmm, yes Mommy, this table is quite yummy!"


Angel said...

Awww.... yours is black and mine is white. :-) I still like my table even though it's been 5 years since we bought it and it has not faired well with our moves. Makes it homey...LOL

Karen said...

Once again, great pictures! Love the Kirkland box as a coloring table :) hehehe and LOL at Brandon sleeping! sooo cute!

GraceFromHim said...

Ohhh, haircuts aren't they fun! Lol
Lovely pics, of the sweet lil ones!

Sarah Bee said...

I understand feeling behind with blogging, I feel the SAME WAY!!!

The new table is gorgeous, and your kids as always are adorable!

Oh and I totally agree about the "leashes" I think it depends on your kids and where your at, like you said. =]