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Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Recap

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was pretty quiet and uneventful. Saturday we went to McDonald's for dinner - one clsoe by that has an indoor play area. We did it for the kids:) Saturday night I watched Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime. It was better than I expected! Anyone else see it? Looks like it will be on again tomorrow night if you want to check it out:) Sunday was Church and Bible study. Sunday evenings after the twins go to bed I watch Big Love on HBO. Yay! It's the new season. I really like that show.
Here are some pics from the weekend....

I posted this just for Angel. Angel sent this dress recently for Faith. She wore it to Church on Sunday! She was so cute ♥

Don't you LOVE modern technology? Faith is watching a FREE Sesame Street video podcast on my IPOD.

We ended our Sunday evening hanging out in the family room. Brandon and Faith love to bounce on the couch - without the cushion. We put the cushion along with all the pillows on the floor and they jump from one to another.

McDonald's Sat night - they had their 1st happy meals! I wanted them to have the little dogs inside:)

I want to play with this kids over there Mommy!

I am not sharing this drink with any one!

Faith is our little dare devil. She went up in the tubes several times.. going down the slide here. Of course Zach went with her to protect her.

Here is Brandon and Zach up in the tubes. Yeah, that's right, I had to go up there too... it was the only way to get Brandon up there! I only got stuck twice:)

Zach and Faith going back up

Zach going down the slide. I could not have captured this picture if I had not squeezed my big butt up there! LOL
Side note - Scott started to go up the tree house/tubes with Brandon - and a little boy said "hey, what are you doing here?" Scott said " I am getting my son" little boy said "fat men aren't allowed" LOL!!!! I laughed A LOT when he told me this. Scott is not "fat" at all - but he must have looked like a giant to this little boy inside this little tree house. :)


Sarah said...

The pictures are way too cute. LOVED the one where Faith is watching Seasame Street on your IPOD we really are some kind of generation eh?

Loved the picture of Zach going down the slide, classic! =]

and the story about your hubby being fat [in that little boys eyes] haha too funny! I would have laughed so hard, and tried hiding it!

Sarah said...

P.S. How do you tag people? and how far along are you in Twilight? Are you liking it? ok. that should be it, OH! I'm gonna post the picture one tomorrow, after you tell me how to tag people. thanks!

Sarah said...
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Purple Patti said...

Love the words you put into their mouths when they were sitting in the high chairs. They are so darn cute. Miss you guys already.
Check out my blog. I did my tag. Plus put 6 month pics up.

GraceFromHim said...

Oh those smile are so precious!
Looks like you had fun! That is to funny that the lil boy said that about your hubby....funny stuff lol.