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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - Monday Errands

This week's tackles were all done on Monday! I had some errands to run. Zach was off from school for a teacher work day so he kept me company and helped me out. Our 1st errand was to go pick up his "spare" pair of glasses from the eye doctor. That was back in our old neighborhood.

On the way home from the eye place, we went to Costco for some MUCH needed supplies! On the top of the list were diapers. We also buy the babies Welch's Fruit Snacks and animal crackers. These are two must have favorite snacks! I was pretty hungry - never a good thing at Costco. So I pretty much started my grocery shopping for the following week. I bought a couple of roasts and briskets for some yummy crock pot meals! Bought some other food as well.

Took the kids back home for nap time. Zach played video games and I cleaned house. (ok, I also blogged a little bit)

After nap time, we headed back out to Super Target. Since I had bought meat at Costco, I wanted to go ahead and get some other items to complete some future meals. I picked up a few other food items, as well as shoes for Brandon and Faith! Their size 6 shoes are starting to get snug. (ESPECIALLY Brandon's) So, I thought I would wander over to the shoes just to see... 75% off!!! What?? Thank goodness I went to look:) I wanted to get them each a pair of practical sneakers - however, this sale was really picked over. It must have started days ago. I could not find a pair of size 7 sneaks for Faith:( I ended up getting a 7 and a 1/2 for Brandon, but he has big Fred Flinstone feet and they seem to fit him! (with room to grow) Since they did not have sneakers for Faith I should have waited to find a sale some where else. HA! Right. I found her some really cute little shoes:)

Brandon's shoes are Transformers - his first ever "character" shoe

Look at these bad boys!

OH be still my heart♥ How I LOVE having a daughter!

Each pair of shoes were a whopping $4.24!!
Zach was so sad that they didn't have any shoes his size on sale:( I am sorry Zach. If Zach had actually "needed" shoes the way Brandon and Faith did, I would have bought him a pair - but he has several pairs that fit him, so it was an unnecessary expense. It's so hard to explain that to a child!
That is all I tackled this week:) I was pretty lazy all weekend. What did you tackle?


Courtney said...

Cute shoes, and GREAT price! Way to go on tackling some errands. I hate running errands. I finally remembered to get back to posting Tackle it Tuesday *on* Tuesday today :)

Purple Patti said...

AWWWW They are so cute. I love the expression on their faces with the new shoes on their feet. you can tell they are happy w/ them.

Tara said...

Dang it girl! you really tackled it on Tuesday!! you go!