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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunglasses and Haircuts

We received another package from Angel yesterday! Thanks Angel! In the package were some goodies for all... including sunglasses for Brandon and Faith. Pretty cool because Brandon LOVES to wear sunglasses! He didn't have any of his own so he wore everyone elses.

Brandon sporting a pair of Mommy's sunglasses. You have your own now, kid!

Brandon looks pretty confident in his new shades

Yesterday, my good friend Sarah came by to give us GIRLS haircuts! She did mine first so Faith could watch and see that it was the thing to do. Faith was such a good girl! I gave her a couple of books to read and she just sat there and enjoyed having her hair done. Just like Mommy!!

Looking at Daddy

Cheesing for the camera!

I took a lot of pictures, but didn't really get a good "after" picture. I am sure I will get a lot more pics this weekend with the new do:)
Sarah and I are meeting later in the morning for some "girl" time away from the kids! Can't wait:)


Angel said...

cute pics! Glad brandon and Faith liked their sunglasses!

Sarah said...

Very cute pics! =]Can't wait to see more! That one of her reading...was absolutely adorable!

Tiff said...

Love the one of faith with that big green. She is too cute. And Brandon is one cool dude!!