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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Birthday Party

We went to Jourdan's 1st birthday party at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday afternoon. This is my friend Stephanie and her son Jourdan:) Chuck E Cheese was VERY crowded and made me a bit nervous, but I got over it and we had a good time. I think Jourdan enjoyed himself too!

Faith was excited to find a Clifford ride:) She rode Clifford several times.

Brandon had a great time!

Usually, Brandon goes down a slide backwards, but he finally tried sliding forward.

Brandon also fed HIMSELF this cake using a fork! He finished off that cake there on the plate and he didn't make that much of a mess. I was very proud:)

Thank you, Stephanie and Eric for inviting us to Jourdan's party. We had fun!


Tiff said...

Looks like they had fun! Little Monkey has been invited to his very first party. He's so excited!

Anonymous said...

Peggy and Scott - it was our pleasure to invite you. We are so glad that the kids had fun. I know Jourdan had tons of fun running around Chuck E. Cheese acting like he's grown. We have got to get together more often even though it's tough sometimes, but it's imporant. We love you Peggy!!!

Love, Stephanie and Eric