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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tooth Fusion

I forgot to mention - at the 18 month appointment, the Dr said we need to bring Brandon to a dentist. He has "tooth fusion". You can read about it and see a picture here.

I did think his bottom teeth looked a little different, but I never looked close enough to see that the 2 teeth are actually one tooth split in half. The dr said the baby tooth and the permanent tooth some how merges together to become one. Weird! I wonder how a dentist will fix that? And how much will it cost? eeek! I was planning on making all of us dental appointments after the 1st of the year. I will have to find one good family dentistry out there! (A dentistry that is sympathetic to scared patients. I am not talking about my kids, I am talking about ME!!)

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Tiff said...

Yikes No fun when your kids need a dentist. My daughter was born without enamel on her baby teeth and had to have them all sealed. Fun times.