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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas

This is ALL of us! All of my family members that were here for 4 days plus us. A lot of people, huh? Plus on Christmas we had more family over for dinner. My inlaws and uncle and cousins. We had some friends and other distant relatives stop by on Friday. Thank you Steve for taking our picture!! And Kristin for continuing our photo shoot later.

Buggy and Gracie enjoying the rocking horses Nana and Grandpa brought for Brandon and Faith. (Buggy and Gracie are my cousin Devon's twin girls)

GranDad and Zach putting together a robot on Friday morning.

Santa brought Brandon and Faith their very own keyboard!

Zach, Kimberlee and Faith

Our "Brady Bunch" family! My Dad and his one daughter (me) joined my mom and her 3 daughters and made one big happy family!

Brandon and Faith with their new rocking horses. This was taken on Christmas evening when Brandon came home. Brandon and Faith had a lot to say to each other! We wondered what?? Faith was probably telling Brandon about all the people in the house and Brandon told Faith all about his hospital stay. I love TWIN conversations!

My Father in Law and Brother in Law

Kristin and I take a turn on the rocking horses. :)

♥ My cousins♥

Sisterly LOVE

Sisters with their men! Oh - and Lynn. :)

Too much Christmas for Zach. I found him just like this in our bedroom early that night. What a sweetheart! He is curled up with the stuffed dog the nurses gave to Brandon and his new favorite video game.

P.S. I will post pics of Faith and Zach opening presents soon. Since I was on the floor with them, I didn't get any pics with my camera.


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Looks like you had a nice Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful New Year's too!

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