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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brandon's Hospital Stay

Things are finally settling down enough to blog! So it was Monday night/Tuesday morning when I mentioned Brandon was sick. He had been having trouble with his breathing all night, he was panting. Scott took him to his dr early Tuesday morning and called me later to say they were admitting him in the hospital and would be taking him there in an ambulance. I grabbed the other 2 kids and took my car to the drs to meet Brandon and Daddy. I rode in the ambulance with Brandon to the hospital. It broke my heart to see him on that stretcher! Once in the hospital, Scott and I planned to take shifts with Brandon until he could come back home. I stayed the first night with him. He was such a good boy. He hated being there with all the wires/tubes getting tangled and all of the strangers waking him up every 2 hours to mess with him. Aside from all of that, I think he did really well staying in his crib. The first night my very good friend Sarah came for a visit and brought me some much needed items. Thank you Sarah!! While Sarah was there, I was invited down to a room to select some gifts for Brandon. I walked into a room FILLED with brand new toys for girls and boys. The toys were delivered by Trevors Treasures, a non-profit organization started by a 6 yr old boy battling cancer. Trevor had stayed at the same hospital and wanted to bring toys for other kids at the hospital. I met Trevor's mom and thanked her and promised to donate some new toys for next year. The nurses in the room told me to pick more than one toy for all of my kids. So I picked out a toy for each of my 3 plus one for each of Sarah's 2, since without her visit, I would not have been able to go visit this toy room. I found a set of 15 Tonka cars - made from plastic especially for 18 months and older. Perfect! Brandon was so happy to be playing with cars!
The next day, Scott came around noon to switch places with me. I went home to find my entire family waiting for me! They had all made it safe and sound. I had not showered and felt and looked like poo, but I was so happy to see everyone. Faith seemed a bit confused. She didn't have her twin with her, and instead had a house full of people. That must have been strange. Christmas morning, Faith and Zach each looked through their stocking and opened a present but we saved the rest for when we could be together with Brandon and Daddy. I just couldn't wait to see Brandon, so I took his stocking and a couple gifts and brought them to the hospital.

Hey! There's stuff down in this big sock!

Thanks, Mom!

Oooh, an Elmo cell phone. Now I can call Faith.

Mommy and Daddy after no sleep

Brandon was doing pretty well on Christmas and he was able to be taken off oxygen. We asked if we could go for a walk.

What's this? Santa? You visit malls AND hospitals?

Santa and his helpers came to the hospital bringing bags of toys for all of their little patients!

Out of my way. I am going home!

Here are the toys Santa brought for Brandon!

AARGH! Put me down! Your white beard is so scary!

Kristin came for a visit on Christmas day:) She brought Scott a 2 liter of soda. If you know Scott, then you know that was his best gift that day! His wife (me) FORGOT his soda. But, I did bring him a book:) Santa was so nice to pose for a picture with us!

♥♥ Oh Santa, you made this Christmas so special♥♥

I love this picture. I am going to frame it.

Brandon came home Christmas evening! That was the best gift.


Courtney said...

I'm sorry Brandon (and you) had to go through that, especially this time of year. So glad he was able to come home Christmas evening, and wow how neat that they do all of that for the kids that are in the hospital on Christmas!

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