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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Stress

Ok, I am starting to get a little bit stressed. I think my poor husband might be even more stressed. LOL It is the last weekend before Christmas. Crunch time!! We are FAMOUS for waiting until the last minute to do our cleaning and preparing. First of all, things keep happening. We have had issues with work. Our office was hit with a virus and I was infected with it. (well, my computer was:)) Zach broke his glasses. Thankfully - they were covered by warranty. The twins no longer want to nap OR sleep at night. That is driving every one crazy. And now here we are.. the weekend. I get off work at 8:30 am this morning. I promised Zach pancakes but will ask if he will settle for cinnamon rolls instead. (yum!! and so much easier) I need to squeeze in whatever house work or laundry I can. I also need to get a nap some time! We leave at 5:30 to see my Brother in-law's Christmas concert at the Constitution Hall in D.C. I go every year, this will be Scott's first time. Really it's the Navy Sea Chanters and Navy Band's concert, not just my BIL. Haha! Ok, so that will take up the rest of Saturday.
Sunday - go to Church. After Church I am devoting the REST of Sunday to cleaning and laundry!
I have decided I shouldn't stress that much about cleaning. With 14 house guests, I don't think the house will stay clean for long. I will just clean the bathrooms, sweep up, vacuum, the normal stuff. Monday I will do the big grocery shopping for our holiday feast and regular food and supplies to feed my 14 guests for 3 days. :) Did you see the 14 guests part? That is MAJOR! I long for company and I am going to have 14 people to talk to!!!! Cool. I am excited!
Back to my schedule. Am I boring any one? Mon afternoon I will go pick up my virus cleaned pc from DC. Hmmmmmm... scratch that - I will pick it up tonight when we go to the concert! YEAH.
I just bought myself some more time.
Tuesday I have some errands to run and Wed my family will be arriving! Oh, and I still work Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs nights. I was able to get Fri night off so I can have some extra fun.
Hopefully sometime Sunday evening, everything will be done and I can just sit back and enjoy Christmas spirit. Some music, candles, hot cocoa. We shall see. My bed wins my heart over every time!
Have a good weekend!

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Purple Patti said...

Don't stress Peg, It will all be wonderful. BUT I know exactly how you feel. I get that way EVERY time I have people coming over my house. I Can't believe the time is finally here. I have been looking forward to coming to your house since summer when you all moved in. I will HELP clean, cook, do laundry. EVERYTHING. I love to clean, and help. See you in a few days.