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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Long Over Due Visit!

I haven't gone to visit my Uncle and Cousins in a long time. My Aunt passed away in January, and I had not been back to her house since. I had chatted with my cousins and Uncle here and there on the phone and had seen my cousins at an event we attended in West Virginia. The months went by so fast. They live just 20 miles away! (or less) So, today after Church, the kids and I headed over for a visit. We had a wonderful time! My Cousin Hunter was even there - home from school. My Cousin Devon cooked dinner ~ shrimp and fettuccini alfredo. It was delicious! Brandon and Faith had a great time playing with the dogs and their second cousins. Devon has a set of 3 year old fraternal twin girls! When she had her girls I wondered how in the world did she have twins?? She told me they run in OUR family! Then when I became pregnant she said I would probably have twins and of course, I DID! So Devon and I have that Mother of Twins bond in addition to being cousins and having a few other things in common:)

Here are the two set of twins playing SO NICELY together!

My Cousins, Erin and Devon. They are beautiful:)
(I did not get a picture of Hunter)

Reese, Zach and Rodney doing the 3 point stance
(Reese and Rodney are Erin's boys)

I actually got a picture of all of the kids together!! This will be a Christmas gift for their Moms:)

Devon LOVES animals. She has 3 dogs, 1 or 2 cats, birds, fish, a hermit crab and.... RATS!!!! This is Rodney holding the biggest rat. I thought I would freak out if I saw the rats, but they were not so bad.
I also brought home a set of my Grandmother's china and some other china serving dishes. My Uncle was nice enough to give it to me:) I will cherish these dishes of course. They are so beautiful! I have my Grandmother's hutch so after the Holidays, I will be putting her dishes in her hutch. It will be so nice to set up her hutch as I remember seeing it as a child.


Courtney said...

Sounds like a nice visit :)

Tiff said...

Sound like you had a fun time with family. All of our family lives on the west coast so I don't get to see them much if at all. Including my dad. But he's coming to visit the day after Christmas for a week. I can't wait to see him!