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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thank you Great Grandma!

Great Grandma Webb sent Brandon and Faith some gifts. Faith received a beautiful silver necklace with 3 little charms - one charm says "Faith", a purple gem and a cross. We put it on Faith to take her picture and she ended up wearing it until nap time! She likes jewelry and does not try to pull it off. Yep. Totally my daughter. She likes jewelry, purses and shoes!

Check out my new bling!

Brandon received a silver choo choo train bank. (I'm sorry, gotta call it a "choo choo") Great Grandma had it engraved:
To Brandon
Love ChiChi,
G-Grandmother Webb

Check out my train! YEAH!

These are VERY special gifts that Brandon and Faith will cherish! They will be kept safe so that may have them to keep forever. The train stays on the hutch - although we will add money to it:) And Faith's necklace will stay in my jewelry box. She can wear it on special occasions. (like the upcoming Holidays!) Great Grandma also sent some Hans Christian Anderson videos that B & F have been watching in their room. Some great classics that Mommy and Daddy like too!

Thank you ChiChi ~ Great Grandma Webb!
We Love you and Miss you dearly!

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jennbecc said...

Awww...what special presents from GreatGrandma! I'm sure they will cherish them for life.