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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Fun Day with Mommy & Daddy

On Tuesday, Scott and I took Brandon and Faith out to go to Home Depot to spend a gift card we had received from our friends Jay and Jen. (Thanks Jay and Jen!) We desperately needed a home for our garden hose and I bought 2 beautiful wreaths for our front doors! Close by Home Depot is a children's consignment shop that accepts "gently" used children's items for cash. I came prepared with a box of outgrown clothes! I sold their old clothes for $17 and I bought each of them a pair of jeans and a couple shirts. The store has this cute play area for the kiddies while you shop! AWESOME! I am already gathering another box of items to bring back to the store to hopefully "trade in" for a couple of winter coats:) What a perfect place for today's economy!

Brandon and Faith did not want to leave the play area when it was time to go!

We decided to stay out a bit longer and headed to the mall to just walk around. Our local mall doesn't have one of those play areas, however, it has a lot of little rides.

Vroom Vroom BEEP BEEP

Watch the road Brandon! What are you doing?? You are going to fast! Too slow! Let me drive!

WAAAAAAAH! There's no more hot dogs!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! No matter how I turn the wheel, we keep going in circles??

BRANDON: Yikes! I think we are going down that steep hill! OH NO! AARGH!

FAITH: Oooooooh, I think I feel my breakfast coming back up....

After walking around the mall and doing the rides - Daddy took us to IHOP! YUM! So sorry Zach:( I feel guilty when we go out and have fun without you. I owe you a fun outing!


Courtney said...

How cute! I wish they had fun play areas like that for adults :)

jennbecc said...

Cool play area! We don't have many of those around here and none at our malls. :( I need to check out the consignment stores to see if I can unload and reload on some different stuff!

Katie said...

That looks so fun! I love going to Kid-to-Kid in Centreville. Is that what the store you went to is (but in your town)? If not, I need to know about it b/c I find tons of bargains there, like $2 pajamas and a $7 corduroy Christmas dress!!