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Monday, October 13, 2008

No Menu Plan, Mommy is SICK!

I never did get on the computer earlier to post my menu plan. I never clipped my coupons or went grocery shopping. The kids are feeling better - while I am now sick. I just could not get anything done! I am drained. My sinuses are knocking me down! OUCH. Well, speaking of menus - I did try the recipe for 'Jessica Simpson's Chicken & Dumplings' that I read about on JennBecc's blog, on Sunday. It was delicious! I will be making it again. Also, earlier today I tried this new recipe that I found in a magazine for Macaroni and Cheese. Oh my! It was GOOD.

(BTW - I am having a week off from my diet:)) So, I am not posting a menu because I have no clue what we will be having the rest of the week.

We gave Brandon and Faith their first capri suns! They did pretty well at first - then of course they started squirting them all over the floor. LOL

We had a nice gathering of friends over on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures!! My buddy Kristin did take a few - thank goodness:) Here is Kristin and I - with Bones at the bar.

Bones has been so popular with the ladies!
I really thought our basement would be the hang out spot when we have friends over - but I could NOT get everyone to come down stairs. *SIGH* I eventually gave up. I guess they wanted to stay with the food upstairs.
It was nice to get together with friends! Saturday I had the beginning stages of my cold - but when I woke up On Sunday, it was full force. I went to Church, but didn't make it to Bible study. I feel so bad! I needed to take some medicine and sleep. Did the same thing today:)
So, that was my weekend and my lack of a menu plan!


Courtney said...

Oh no, sorry you are sick. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Angel said...

Oh, sorry you are sick. Glad your party went well. Miss you!

jennbecc said...

Sorry you're sick. Hope you're feeling better by now though! :)