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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Husband Rocks! ~ Spontaneous

My husband ROCKS because he is so spontaneous. All week this week we have taken Brandon and Faith out and just had some plain ol fun. Seriously, EVERY day this week! We went to the mall, went out to eat a few times, went to different stores, walked around... it has been great. Yesterday, we went to our office in D.C. for a potluck. Everyone enjoyed watching Brandon and Faith run around! It was fun. Scott starts work at 1 every day so it has been so nice to spend the morning together. We have shared some good quality time and talked about everything. Sometimes I think we might spend too much time together, but then Scott will go into the office or hang out with a friend - and I will miss him. STRANGE how that happens!!

Scott has ALWAYS been spontaneous. There have been many weekends where Scott will wake up and say "lets all go out to breakfast" or he will take us for a surprise drive and we end up somewhere fun. He also introduced the "JBILI" gift to me years ago. A "JBILI" (pronounced jay billy) gift is a "just because i love you" gift. My FAVORITE kind! Occasionally, Scott surprises me with a JBILI gift:) (the kids too!) What a wonderful man. Always keeps me guessing:)

You Rock Baby!


Katy Lin :) said...

what a sweetheart! sounds like you guys have a lot of fun! :)

EEEEMommy said...

Spontanaeity is fabulous! The DC area is perfect for it too. (We lived in No.VA for 4 years before moving home to IN). That JBILY gift would totally fill my love tank! :)
Great post; you have an awesome husband and adorable kids! :)

Angel said...

Something my hubby is not. :-) But that's okay too. :-) I love the JBILY gifts. Thanks for inventing that, Scott!