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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Celebrate Fall Extravaganza: Fall Crafts

Hi guys! I am a bit late with my post today. We went to D.C. to attend an office potluck. It was nice to see some co-workers and I met a new manager of mine. Today is another fun day of Tiffanie's Celebrate Fall contest! Today's theme is: Fall Crafts. Today's prize is: 3 holiday bibs from Daisy Layne Boutique. Oh my goodness!!! I know 2 little people who still use bibs :)

Hmmmmm... I really don't make a lot of crafts. That is something I should do more with the kids. Well, Brandon and Faith are still young yet.

I was able to find a cute easy craft online that would be fun for parents to do with their kids. This is definitely something I would try!

What you'll need:
1 brown paper lunch bag
Acrylic paint: orange and leaf green
¼ sheet brown construction paper
6- 12” pieces of green raffia

How to make it:
1. Paint the outside of the lunch bag with orange paint.
2. Paint the inside, top portion of the bag with leaf green paint. (See photo.)
3. Paint a second coat of orange paint on the bag, only this time, paint the top outside portion with the leaf green-colored paint.
4. When paint is completely dry, fringe the green section of the bag with your scissors, strips should be approximately ½” – 1” wide.
5. Fill bag with crumpled newspaper (if using as a decoration) or candy and treats.
6. Gather top of bag with your hand and tie a piece of raffia around it, just below the green section.
7. Continue tying pieces of green raffia around the neck of the bag until all of it has been used.
8. Cut a 1.5” wide strip of brown construction paper and roll up into a tube. Insert the tube of paper into the center of the green portion of the bag as the stem. If these bags are used as decoration, you can glue the stem in place.

To reuse these decorations at Halloween, add faces as jack-o'-lanterns by gluing on yellow construction paper facial features.
If using these as party bags, you may want to grab all raffia pieces together and tie them into one knot to make them easier to remove rather than ripping the bag open.
To give the bags some weight, especially if they will be displayed outside, add a cup of sand or clean cat litter to the bottom of the bag before adding the crumpled newspaper.

Let me know if you try this! I would love to see:)


Tiff said...

I love this Peggy!! Awesome to do with the kids!!!

Debye said...

Great project and it seems "do-able" in a crazy house full of kids!

jennbecc said...

What a fun project. I've not given the boys paint...too scared! I guess I should bite the bullet and make sure I do it on bath night! Thanks for the cute idea. :)